Subaru’s Eyesight Reduces Rear-End Collisions by 84%

By February 3, 2016Subaru News

A Japanese traffic accident survey conducted from 2010-2014 claims that Subaru’s EyeSight technology reduces crashes by 61%.  Furthermore, drivers using this technology had 84% fewer rear-end collisions than those who did not have the technology. The survey also found that the EyeSight system led to 62% fewer vehicle-to-vehicle collisions and a 49% reduction in vehicle-to-pedestrian crashes. The system is a standard feature on new Subarus and uses two color cameras located on either side of the rear view mirror, detecting the presence of other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and other hazards up to 360 feet ahead.

On a different note, unlike Honda, Kia, and Nissan who will have their commercials played during this years Super Bowl, Subaru has decided to forego the Super Bowl and advertise on Animal Planet’s puppy bowl. This is definitely the correct move Subaru since 80% of Subaru owners also have a pet. Furthermore, as a brand, Subaru has made animals an important focus by supporting the ASPCA and hosting a Subaru Loves Pets month. There are five new spots featuring the Barkleys, who graced the Super Bowl screens a few years back. Check out the videos here.

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