Subaru Loves Pets Recap

By October 28, 2015Subaru News

subaru-188_SgR81LsThis past month, Subaru has promoted Subaru Loves Pets as part of the Subaru Love Promise and worked hand in hand with the ASPCA to promote adoption and better treatment of pets.  As the first company to partner with NBCUniversal’s “The More You Know“, Subaru of America is set to air five PSAs to go along with all the Subaru Love events, in a bid to increase philanthropic engagement. The first of these PSA’s focused on Subaru Loves Pets and features Andy Cohen, a Bravo Star, and his rescue dog, Wacha (pictured left). Alan Bethke, Vice President, Marketing, Subaru of America said of the collaboration, “We are proud and excited to be the first brand to ever nationally partner with ‘The More You Know.’ Subaru prioritizes working with like-minded partners that inspire action, guided by a shared vision and core values. Through this collaboration, we hope to share a positive message and encourage people to make a difference in their community.” Subaru started the month by appearing alongside the ASPCA on the TODAY show, and promoting the hashtag #Makeadogsday. The hashtag inspires pet adopters and lovers to share videos and pictures of their furry friend. One in particular shows a man helping his three-legged cancer surviving dog by giving him a doggy wheelchair that allows the dog more movement.


Subaru sponsored the fourth annual Mega Match-a-thon along with the ASPCA. The event aims to increase community adoption events, thereby leading to more pet adoptions. The ASPCA awared $160,000 in grants to 16 animal welfare organizations across the country who have committed to adopting out a minimum of 300 animals at their Mega Match-a-Thon event. The events were hosted during one of four weekends (Friday through Monday) between October 2 and October 26, 2015.

Furthermore, Subaru and the Center for Pet Safety, performed a safety test on pet travel seats. After four years of research, Gunner Kennels G1 Intermediate with 8′ Tie Down Straps (Crate) and Pet Ego Forma Frame Jet Set Carrier with ISOFIX-Latch Connection (Carrier), were named the top picks. Lindsey Wolko, Center for Pet Safety’s founder and CEO said about the safety test, “Thanks to Subaru’s sponsorship of our landmark travel safety studies, we’ve been able to gather the necessary data to publish the first-ever pet product safety standards, guide industry improvement, and bring awareness to crucial safety measures to keep all family members as safe as possible when they travel together. We know the studies are making an impact because several product manufacturers have stepped up and are using our test dogs to improve their products while working toward Center for Pet Safety Certification — a major step forward for pet owners.”

If you’re feeling all the Subaru love for pets and want to help out, check out Humane Animal Welfare Society’s upcoming events. For more Subaru News, follow Wilde Subaru on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.