We Are Proud To Sponsor Project Echelon Racing

By January 31, 2017Community Support
We Are Proud To Sponsor Project Echelon Racing

You may have seen us sharing posts from a charity we are proud to be involved with, Project Echelon. You may remember that we used to sponsor a local cycling group called LAPT and that LAPT did a race last year to raise money for Project Echelon describing the charity this way: “veterans often come home from war unable to fully access emotions that have been shut off from trauma. The ones they can access are anger and apathy and often there isn’t a productive way to expel the pent up energy. Like a car that expels gas after the engine explosion, veterans need an outlet for their understandably exploding emotions. Project Echelon believes the answer is training and competition. This group is driven to equip and empower veterans to experience life in a new, healthy way by introducing them to the community they often desperately need. As they grow stronger, we foster in the veteran a desire to become visible and known, ultimately leading them to a path of healing and servant leadership.” We Are Proud To Sponsor Project Echelon Racing who raises funds and awareness for Project Echelon.

The charity was formed by LAPT cycling veteran, Eric Hill and Eric Beach. According to his Bio, President and Co-Founder Eric Beach believes “through training and competition, we can find a healthy release to the stresses found post military separation. He also believes that re-discovering the physicality we miss from military service through this healthy avenue is vital to many veterans journey to healing.” Co-Founder and Vice President, Eric Hill, explains the importance of sports, “Throughout my life, sports have been my outlet, my safe haven, and my place of greatest reflection and growth. In no other setting can we get the immediate feedback that we get through sport. I am a pro-cyclist. In sport, you get out what you put in. with a motivation to use my athletic talents and the platform that I have been given to create a positive community in which veterans can find a positive self image, voice, and means to release their inner anxieties through cycling. Cycling is my place of solace and reflection. It gives me peace and comfort. Cycling is a gift I want to share.”

15780922_224001504715302_4131303155100652284_nThe Project Echelon racing team has some awesome events coming up including the velocity time trial taking place on Saturday, February 25th @ 11 am. Registration for the event closes on 2/20/2017. All proceeds will go to support Project Echelon. If you love cycling this a great way to help Project Echelon and is great for your team, allowing for friendly competition and a chance to show off your skills.  There will also be a Project Echelon Time Based Omnium, taking place April 28th-30th in Delafield, WI. Learn more about the race or register on the website. The team’s full 2017 schedule is as follows:

  • Valley of the Sun, AZ – Feb. 17-19
  • Tour of St. Louis, MO – March 18-19
  • San Dimas, CA – March 24-26
  • Joe Martin Stage Race, AR – March 30- April 2
  • Couri Insurance Omnium, WI – April 28-30
  • La Crosse Omnium, WI – May 5-7
  • Minnesota Memorial Omnium, MN – May 27-29
  • Memorial Weekend, IA – May 27-29
  • Glencoe Grand Prix, IL – June 3
  • Illinois Omnium, IL – June 10-11
  • Northstar Grand Prix, MN – June 13-17
  • Tour of America’s Dairyland, WI – June 16-26
  • National Championships, KY – June 29- July 2
  • Bicycle & Blues Festival, IL – July 7-9
  • Cascade Classic, OR – July 19-23
  • Green Mountain Stage Race, VT – Sept. 1-4
  • Gateway Cup, MO – Sept. 1-4

Co-Founder, Eric Hill, shares what Wilde Subaru’s sponsorship means to this charity: “Sponsorship, such as that of Wilde Subaru, is essential to the success and growth of the Project Echelon organization. Without the support of corporate and private donors, Project Echelon would not be able to financially support our veterans in need. Moreover, their support and dissemination of our mission and vision across their network of followers and collaborators is crucial to our goal of educating the general public about the current state of veteran affairs.For many veterans, seeking physical, emotional or financial help is a difficult task. Finding the strength to apply for a gym membership with the risk of “failure” of trying to meet a goal is a scary thought. For others, finding the resources to purchase a gym membership, enroll in a jujitsu class, or sign up for a local triathlon can be a strain on their budget. However, we know that these can be powerful tools for their growth and recovery. Our sponsorships allow us to remove those barriers and make those goals and dreams a reality.”

We are so pleased to be involved in such an important charity that works daily with local veterans to help them readjust to civilian life and overcome injuries through exercise and athletic goals. For more dealership specials and deals, follow Wilde Subaru on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.